Coming up Spring 2017

Happy New Year! Here’s a sunset shot from a beach Gran Canaria in December – there are more added to the photos page.

Big things coming up this term:

Moving Forth have been working hard on preparing for Module 3  of the Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies Certificate Programme which begins on Monday 9th January.  I will be continuing my assistantship, assisting and hopefully teaching a little, whilst being around for the general admin and running during the 2 1/2 weeks. I can’t wait to be immersed in LBMS again and to continue learning how to use and teach the material from Karen Studd and Laura Cox.

CELL (Creative Embodied Learning Labs) Health of the Spine workshop will be taking place in Dundee on February 12th. I will be teaching with Susan Scarth, Doe Warnes and Debbie Watson. More info on the day is below and more specific info on the workshops being delivered can be found on



I am also very excited to be attending this years Somatic Movement Gathering at Siobhan Davies Studios in London in March. This years theme is The Butterfly Effect of Somatic Movement – Local & Global with workshops and discussions looking at:


  • The inner & the outer
  • The personal and the interpersonal
  • The individual and the community
  • How self-care as a practitioner affects the wider field
  • How the virtual world (digital media, social media, skype communications) affect our somatic experience.
  • How we bring our personal practice out into the world, in response to the global challenges of our time – health, population migration
  • How small actions affect the big picture


More to come, bring on 2017!

CELL – Creative Embodied Learning Lab intro session

Moving Forth is hosting an introductory day of workshops for a new programme of workshops called CELL – Creative Embodied Learning Labs.  I will be a guest teacher along with Debbie Watson, joining Susan Scarth and Doe Warnes as they launch CELL on November 26th. This first introductory workshop day will be on the Health of the Spine.

“Our primary focus in this workshop is to develop a greater awareness of
the links and the influences between body and mind.
We will be applying creative learning approaches to bring together
experiential anatomy with movement, as a way to develop an embodied

This workshop is a taster for an exciting new 4 part course that begins in
Spring 2017. CELL (Creative Embodied Learning Laboratories) with Moving
Forth, is offering a series of 6 experiential weekend workshops where we
will engage in a fuller exploration of systems of the body.”

cell1 cell2

Link to flyer: cell-2pageflyera5-screenres-int

I will be facilitating the following workshop:

Connecting to the world through spinal rotationJulie Chilvers

The spine’s ability to rotate is central to the mobility of the body and gives us crucial access to the world around us. You will explore the spine’s ability to rotate and how the different parts work in relationship to each other and the body as a whole. Through guided explorations you will explore the body’s capacity for rotation as a way to connect with your environment. This will highlight the importance of spinal mobility for general well-being.

For more information and booking, please visit: