Experience of creativity and its domain specificity – Psychology degree project

Hello! It is that time – I am currently running a survey-based project on creativity in order to complete my BSc (hons) Psychology degree. I need minimum of 100 people to take part in order to make my analysis viable – already have approx. 60, so 40+ more to go!

The project is about the domain-specificity of creative experience – mainly does the experience of creativity vary between different areas of creative activity?  The survey takes about 12 minutes to complete  – it will ask you to rate your levels of creativity in different creative activities and then will ask you to rate your creative experience in relation to a specific creative activity of your choosing.

To take part you must be over 18, able to consent to taking part on your own behalf and can think of a time you engaged in a specific creative activity. All responses are completely anonymous. The survey will be available online until 9am Sunday 19th March 2017. Here is the link to the survey:  https://openss.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_7TLfWDB0YluRlDD

Thank you very much to everyone who finds the time to take part and share the link 🙂


Winter update

This term I have had such an excellent but busy time! I had a great time on the Ontogenetic Development BMC course and have now decided to continue further with the Infant Developmental Movement Education programme in 2018. I was also lucky enough to spend a week working and performing with Christine Devaney/Curious Seed and some amazing dancers and artists. I learned so much about how combine the somatic way in which I work and creating/choreography. I have included a couple of photos below, but more can be found on my photos page.



On top of my usual teaching, I have enjoyed covering Dance n Play occasionally and teaching Baby Steps for half of the term at Dance Base – will be doing so next term as well. The BMC modules I have completed so far have helped me develop particularly in working with babies and infants and I love these opportunities.

With Moving Forth I taught a workshop as part of their CELL (Creative Embodied Learning Labs) introductory day on the Health of the Spine in November. My workshop explored rotation of the spine and the relationship of its parts to the whole, including  how rotation of the limb joints supports and facilitates rotation of the spine. We finally explored how this allowed us to connect with our environments and other people. After a successful Edinburgh run, we will be running again in Dundee in Feb – more news in the new year!

Looking forwards, I will be having some time off in the sun and snow (hopefully) over Xmas and will come back straight in with Module 3 of the Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies Certificate Programme, which I have been helping to organise and will be assisting and teaching a little of. Also, as I am nearing the end of my degree in Psychology, I will be running a project based on the experience of creativity early in 2016.