Private Pilates Sessions

Ever thought of trying a Pilates private session before? I am offering a trial price for new clients for their first private session which includes a postural assessment and consultation – 45 mins for £10 (usually 1hr at £40). This will only be available on Saturdays 10th November and 1st December so booking is essential!

If you are not sure what a private Pilates session might entail, please check out my pages What is Pilates? and Private Sessions, or send me an email to discuss and questions you might have to

These sessions will take place at Out of the Blue Drill hall on Dalmeny Street, Leith in a lovely cozy studio.


New Pilates classes and sessions

New for Autumn!

8 week block of Pilates matwork classes starting 15th October 2018 (max. 12 in class)

Monday lunchtimes at Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AB.

General Level 1-2pm – Suitable for anyone with some experience of Pilates.

Cost: £64 for block

For booking, please email

I am also back teaching Beginners and post Beginners Pilates matwork classes at Leith Academy for City of Edinburgh Council 6-7pm and 7-8pm on Wednesday evenings. 10 week block starting 26th September 2018. Booking through

I will now be offering private Pilates sessions at Moving Forth’s studio at Out of the Blue Drill Hall in Leith, as well as home visits.

DSCF4622 (2)

Private sessions are tailored to you and your needs, wants and body and great for anyone wanting to:

  • improve their existing Pilates practice with some one-to-one guidance to apply in your mat classes,
  • have an individual programme of Pilates designed just for you to do at home and monitored/adapted by a professional,
  • or to address a range of specific issues such as (but not limited to) osteoarthritis, hypermobility, injuries, post hip replacement, back pain or disc problems.

1-1 (1hr) Initial consultation and follow ups £40

1-2 (duet, 1hr) Initial consultation and follow-ups £27 per person.


New for 2018

After some fun teaching Laban Bartenieff at MGA and re-training in Pilates with Brigid McCarthy this spring, I took a break over Easter to South Africa and Namibia. I couldn’t resist taking this photo:

I am currently making some changes on the website – the key change so far is that I will now be offering 1-1 and 1-2 private Pilates sessions at Moving Forth @ Out of the Blue, Leith and home visits too. You can now find a ‘Pilates‘ section of the website which includes information about my approach to Pilates, private sessions and the matwork classes I am teaching.

I am currently making an introductory offer:

LIMITED DATES ONLY: *25th June – 12th July* and *6th – 31st August*

1-1: Initial consultation (1hr) £35, follow-ups (1hr) £30 (usually £45 / £40)

1-2 (duet): Initial consultation (1hr) £25 per person, follow-ups (1hr) £20 per person (usually £35 / £30)

For more information, navigate to Pilates / Private Sessions or view the poster: Pilates Special Offer

End of 2017 update

And today was my last day of teaching this year! It’s been a busy term since I came back from my travels in Peru. I have been teaching as usual at Dance Base, and also helped out the Inclusive Hip Hop class in the Xmas Show last weekend. I have also had the great pleasure of teaching Laban Movement workshops and classes to the first year acting students at MGA Academy of Performing Arts.

I graduated with First Class Honours in BSc Psychology and visited Dundee 3rd year Psychology class to present my work on Creativity, talk about dissertation projects, presentations and also to give a practical class on how movement, mind and emotions connect.

I also entered into further Pilates teacher training with Brigid McCarthy for two intensive weeks in November and am spending the next few months studying and practicing for the certification.

Over Xmas I will taking the Basic Neurocellular Pattern BMC course with Katy Dymoke/Embody move and I am really looking forward to this! I will then take a nice break 🙂

Summer news and update

Since last time I wrote, I have finished my Psychology dissertation on Creativity. It may interest you to know that (although not conclusive) my results seemed to suggest that the experience of creativity for creative artists and performers is different to that of other professions. I have now finished my degree in Psychology with 1st Class Honours and look forward to my graduation in October. I have already been invited to present and talk about this research with the undergraduate psychology students at Abertay University, Dundee later in the year.

I also ended the ‘academic year’ in July/August by teaching 3 weeks of summer dance camps for ages 5-11 with Step it Up Dance. We learned dance choreography and break dance moves, created dances in groups, played dance and movement games and challenges, made graffiti t-shirts and did other art and crafty things! By Friday each group performed our dances for parents.





This summer I am working on a creating a new somatic movement education programme with Moving Forth, informed by the Laban/Bartenieff movement system. It’s still early in development, but we are intending it to be an 8 layer/module programme approved by ISMETA and starting in June 2018. We will be running introductory weekends later this year and early next year, so watch this space!

Finally, I will be taking a break in September and October to go travelling in Peru, something I have wanted to do since I was a child. So, see you when I get back!

Experience of creativity and its domain specificity – Psychology degree project

Hello! It is that time – I am currently running a survey-based project on creativity in order to complete my BSc (hons) Psychology degree. I need minimum of 100 people to take part in order to make my analysis viable – already have approx. 60, so 40+ more to go!

The project is about the domain-specificity of creative experience – mainly does the experience of creativity vary between different areas of creative activity?  The survey takes about 12 minutes to complete  – it will ask you to rate your levels of creativity in different creative activities and then will ask you to rate your creative experience in relation to a specific creative activity of your choosing.

To take part you must be over 18, able to consent to taking part on your own behalf and can think of a time you engaged in a specific creative activity. All responses are completely anonymous. The survey will be available online until 9am Sunday 19th March 2017. Here is the link to the survey:

Thank you very much to everyone who finds the time to take part and share the link 🙂

Coming up Spring 2017

Happy New Year! Here’s a sunset shot from a beach Gran Canaria in December – there are more added to the photos page.

Big things coming up this term:

Moving Forth have been working hard on preparing for Module 3  of the Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies Certificate Programme which begins on Monday 9th January.  I will be continuing my assistantship, assisting and hopefully teaching a little, whilst being around for the general admin and running during the 2 1/2 weeks. I can’t wait to be immersed in LBMS again and to continue learning how to use and teach the material from Karen Studd and Laura Cox.

CELL (Creative Embodied Learning Labs) Health of the Spine workshop will be taking place in Dundee on February 12th. I will be teaching with Susan Scarth, Doe Warnes and Debbie Watson. More info on the day is below and more specific info on the workshops being delivered can be found on



I am also very excited to be attending this years Somatic Movement Gathering at Siobhan Davies Studios in London in March. This years theme is The Butterfly Effect of Somatic Movement – Local & Global with workshops and discussions looking at:


  • The inner & the outer
  • The personal and the interpersonal
  • The individual and the community
  • How self-care as a practitioner affects the wider field
  • How the virtual world (digital media, social media, skype communications) affect our somatic experience.
  • How we bring our personal practice out into the world, in response to the global challenges of our time – health, population migration
  • How small actions affect the big picture


More to come, bring on 2017!

Winter update

This term I have had such an excellent but busy time! I had a great time on the Ontogenetic Development BMC course and have now decided to continue further with the Infant Developmental Movement Education programme in 2018. I was also lucky enough to spend a week working and performing with Christine Devaney/Curious Seed and some amazing dancers and artists. I learned so much about how combine the somatic way in which I work and creating/choreography. I have included a couple of photos below, but more can be found on my photos page.



On top of my usual teaching, I have enjoyed covering Dance n Play occasionally and teaching Baby Steps for half of the term at Dance Base – will be doing so next term as well. The BMC modules I have completed so far have helped me develop particularly in working with babies and infants and I love these opportunities.

With Moving Forth I taught a workshop as part of their CELL (Creative Embodied Learning Labs) introductory day on the Health of the Spine in November. My workshop explored rotation of the spine and the relationship of its parts to the whole, including  how rotation of the limb joints supports and facilitates rotation of the spine. We finally explored how this allowed us to connect with our environments and other people. After a successful Edinburgh run, we will be running again in Dundee in Feb – more news in the new year!

Looking forwards, I will be having some time off in the sun and snow (hopefully) over Xmas and will come back straight in with Module 3 of the Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies Certificate Programme, which I have been helping to organise and will be assisting and teaching a little of. Also, as I am nearing the end of my degree in Psychology, I will be running a project based on the experience of creativity early in 2016.

CELL – Creative Embodied Learning Lab intro session

Moving Forth is hosting an introductory day of workshops for a new programme of workshops called CELL – Creative Embodied Learning Labs.  I will be a guest teacher along with Debbie Watson, joining Susan Scarth and Doe Warnes as they launch CELL on November 26th. This first introductory workshop day will be on the Health of the Spine.

“Our primary focus in this workshop is to develop a greater awareness of
the links and the influences between body and mind.
We will be applying creative learning approaches to bring together
experiential anatomy with movement, as a way to develop an embodied

This workshop is a taster for an exciting new 4 part course that begins in
Spring 2017. CELL (Creative Embodied Learning Laboratories) with Moving
Forth, is offering a series of 6 experiential weekend workshops where we
will engage in a fuller exploration of systems of the body.”

cell1 cell2

Link to flyer: cell-2pageflyera5-screenres-int

I will be facilitating the following workshop:

Connecting to the world through spinal rotationJulie Chilvers

The spine’s ability to rotate is central to the mobility of the body and gives us crucial access to the world around us. You will explore the spine’s ability to rotate and how the different parts work in relationship to each other and the body as a whole. Through guided explorations you will explore the body’s capacity for rotation as a way to connect with your environment. This will highlight the importance of spinal mobility for general well-being.

For more information and booking, please visit:

Autumn Update

This summer I enjoyed being part of the North Edinburgh Arts programme again and helping out at the Step it Up Summer Dance Camp. Following this I had a bit of break and saw some wonderful shows at the Fringe Festival including The South Afreakins (Impi Theatre), A Simple Space (Gravity and Other Myths), I am Rhythm (After Freedom).

This week, autumn term for most of my classes has begun! I will be teaching Pilates at Leith Academy on Wednesday evenings as usual and have also added classes at Craigentinny Community Centre on Thursday mornings. For booking:

As usual I will also be teaching the Inclusive Party Playlist at Dance Base and will be teaching half the term of Baby Steps – similar to the Belly Babies project in 2015. For this week and next week only, I will be covering Dance n Play for 18m – 3yrs on Wednesday mornings. I am also looking forward to running some curriculum dance workshops with Balgreen Primary School on the theme of anthems and the opening ceremony of the Olympics – I have many great ideas in development!


I will be using the second half of the funding I received earlier this year from the Rebecca Skelton Fund to attend the Body Mind Centering course in Ontogenetic Development in Edinburgh next weekend. Very much looking forward to this!

More to come soon as this shapes up to be another busy term!